Giovanni Angelini
Freedom Rhythm

     Giovanni Angelini is not just any musician. It is enough to read the cornerstones of his curriculum to understand that we are dealing with an explorer, and also an omnivorous receptor of the most disparate experiences. His apprenticeship with Fabrizio Sferra is striking - Giovanni, of course, is a drummer - the masterclasses directed by people like Dave Douglas or Eric Harland, the degree from the Conservatory of Monopoli at the court of an always too misunderstood pianist, the brilliant and dear departed Gianni Le Noci. And the eclecticism of this second recording of his is striking, in which he engages with the composition and execution of complex structures - helped in this by high-profile - yet catchy musicians. Try listening to I Need Your Smile, a persuasive ballad, with the voice of Simona Severini and a superb solo on alto sax by Gaetano Partipilo. Try to let yourself be enveloped by the inserts on the guitar of Alberto Parmegiani, by the cello of Giovanni Astorino and  the wind section (with Partipilo, Giuseppe Todisco on the trumpet and Antonio Fallacara on the trombone) never over the top, by the rhythm always punctual and precise (Angelini is supported on bass by Dario Giacovelli), from the electric piano by the great Vince Abbracciante. Everyone does his part, without personalism, in the service of music. And all this happens in an Puglia that is increasingly trying to break away from any form of provincialism to take on the connotations and that character of universality that modern music needs. "Freedom Rhythm", says the title, is the attempt - successful - to synthesize musical experiences and put them at the service of a concept, that of freedom, which is increasingly needed today.    This project is supported by “Programmazione Puglia Sounds Record 2022”  OPERAZIONE FINANZIATAA VALERE SUL POC PUGLIA 2027-2013 – AZIONE “SVILUPPODI ATTIVITA’ CULTURALI E DELLO SPETTACOLO