Sanja Markovic

Sanja Markovic is a Serbian born composer, vocalist, instrumentalist and producer. After living in the United States where she studied piano, she returned to Belgrade to gain a Master’s degree in Music. In Washington D.C. and New York she taught in schools and composed music (e.x. Leo Burnett, United Nations).

In Belgrade again she performed regularly as a jazz singer and formed a band playing a guitar - “Brazilian Jazz Collective”. She also performed and wrote for the Big Band (Kolarac concert hall, 2012), and composed music for various theaters. As a member of conceptual bands (most notable “Secondhanders”) she performed internationally and domestically (Donau Fest, Ulm, Germany, Vossa Jazz Fest, Norway). 

Her debut album “Ascension” released by A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni (written in a contemporary jazz language, consists of seven songs (two instrumentals) that speak of love and humanity. Sanja Markovic is featured as a composer, arranger, lyricist, vocalist, instrumentalist (soprano and tenor saxophone) and producer.



AUG 7 2020

Sanja Markovic

Locorotondo       VIVA Festival 2020


October 13 2020
Sanja Markovic: Ascension - All About Jazz By Mike Jurkovic Enveloped in a dark though illuminating light, Serbia's <a data-container=".span-126129" data-content="<div class="clearfix"><a href='//'><img ...
July 24 2020
A call for a peaceful revolution and love" is out in Hi-Files! Thank you Nikola Markovic. Sanja Markovic "Ascension" A.MA Records A call for a peaceful revolution and love Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sanja Markovic was present on the stage for a long time, before ...
June 6 2020
June 4 2020
La più recente creatura discografica della A. Ma Edizioni di Antonio Martino da Bari è firmata dalla compositrice nonché sassofonista-vocalist serba Sanja Markovitch. L'album, di sette brani, si intitola "Ascension", è prodotto in vinile e digitale, e ...
May 16 2020 SANJA MARKOVIC, “ASCENSION”. Non è certo facilissimo trovare una jazzista che, oltre alla voce, utilizzi anche due strumenti il sax tenore e il sax soprano. È il caso di Sanja Markovic, con il suo ...
May 6 2020
May 4 2020 Jazz is indigenousness to the United States. In the late 1800s, New Orleans was where all the musical influences in America ...