Ugljesa Novakovic "Reflections" Musica News by Amedeo Furfaro

In jazz, Serbia holds realities that the Italian A. Ma. Re- cords reserves for us. After the album by Sanja Markovitch, here comes the one by saxophonist Uglje-sa Novakovic.A sound that, like Wim Wenders' cinema, seems American despite being European
 no to the marrow. And this is the first salient fact of his music which in the compact unfolds in seven tracks. The other is a certain more marked spiritual depth in moments of "pressure" decline in playing with partners. Let us remember, Andrija Stankovic, guitarist with a formidable handling, Aleksandar Grujic, pianist capable of unusual harmonic revolutions, Milan Nikolic with a dizzying walking of the contrabass, Aleksandar Cvetkovic, rhythmic piston of a locomotive-group fueled by blows of swing bop free, with hot east west fusion of the original creative core.