S├ębastien Jarrousse Tentet (Featuring Ellinoa) - New Frequency - Paris Move Magazine By Thierry Docmac

We can read in the press kit of this album: “Sébastien Jarrousse, a French saxophonist who recorded this delicious New Frequency a little over two years ago without finding a label to host it. Music that is difficult to categorize (songs supported by an instrumental idea totally outside current marketability standards) which nevertheless struck the sensitivity of Antonio Martino (the label's boss) who let himself be seduced by it ". And it is true that to promote albums which come out of formatted codes, in France, is like witchcraft, see the blow of poker, which means that this album had never reached us, and it is by browsing the productions of AMA Records, that I discovered this nugget. Very strange indeed that this little jazz nugget could not meet the success it deserved, because honestly it is one of the finest productions that I have had the honor to listen to in recent years. Sébastien Jarrousse is loyal to A.M.A Records, whose beautiful album we reviewed Attraction recently, and whose review you can find on the Paris-Move website, HERE With New Frequency, this excellent saxophonist offers us a very different work, more electric, a funky / jazz touch, with sublime compositions, a realization close to perfection, and the sublime aerial voice of Ellinoa launching into jazz prowess at heart. lost, to the point of making our ears vibrate. And all this makes this album an opus of insolent beauty that it is urgent to discover! New Frequency is European jazz that rubs shoulders with U.S. and city vibes. So what more could you ask for? So it's up to you, now, to honor this album that you will hear in April on Bayou Blue Radio and which will join the “Indispensables” series of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue radio, a series in which so many artists intermingle. prestigious, well-known or less known, but where excellence is the norm.