“Social Music” – Enrico Le Noci By George C Glasser. July 15, 2019 Jazz Syndacate Magazine and Promotion


"Social Music" - Enrico Le Noci by George C Classer - Jazz Syndacate Magazine

I’ve heard it all before, but not quite like that!” That’s what came to mind when I listened to the title cut off “Social Music.”

When I do a piece on a CD or artist, I often get press kits with musicians’ backgrounds – who they played with in the past, the standard bios, etc.

The reason I will decide to review a CD is that the music speaks for itself. The flowery verbiage and name dropping in a press kit have nothing to do with my decision. It’s because, in an ocean of mundane, ‘trendy’ music, it stands out, and I want to hear more.

When I saw the title, “Social Music,” I figured it the was same old contemporary stuff that gets passed off for Jazz. However, when I listened to the title cut, “Social Music,” after the first few bars, it was evident the musicians had a solid foundation that only comes from listening to and absorbing their predecessors work.

The personnel on “Social Music” did their homework.

“Social Music” is musical alchemy at its best where the musicians incorporated, built upon different influences, came up with new material, and an interesting approach.

While many of the riffs are reminiscent of the 1950/60s Jazz musicians’ styles, the personnel on “Social Music” have distinctive styles on to themselves.

“Social Music” is a well-produced CD with a live studio feel, it never gets bogged down in long solos or self-indulgent, extended cuts, and the CD moves along like driving down a country road on a sunny spring day.

All in all, the musicians and producer came up with the right balance of varied material on the CD to maintain my interest throughout.

It will be interesting to see if these talented, young, musicians move on to more adventurous endeavors or stay in their comfort zone.

Social Music

Enrico Le Noci (Guitar)

Giulio Scianatico (Double Bass)

Andrea Nccolai (Drums)

Grdi Lehavi (Paino)

Felix Rossy (Trumpet)

Antonio Martino (Producer)