Milena Jancuric "Shapes And Stories" Windout Magazine

Far from the technological revolution, the new work of the superb flutist Milena Jancuric (Novi Sad, Serbia, with an academic background and a frequentation of American circles: Berklee College Of Music) moves towards modern jazz in moderation, enveloping the listener with splendid original embroideries nearby you have sounds of the Canterbury scene. The cd opens with a “soft” and engaging approach in the search for melodic lines, apparently simple, but in reality structured and elaborated with clear Afro-American influences, and results completely inserted in the context of the European indie scene full of conceptual meanings. A new and fascinating blend with psychedelic traces (Don't Fall Me Fall) and a thousand shades of color and tone that can be felt in the mosaic of Circle and Lines and Dreams in You, embracing sophisticated harmonies and an experimental spirit. The music on this intense album from start to finish promptly evokes rapidly changing scenes, the natural sounds of all instruments are faithfully reproduced and clearly heard against each other.A marvel of contemporary jazz, between avant-garde and mysterious notes . In the background Jimmy Hastings and John Stubblefield. In the studio: Aleksandar Dujin (Piano), Ervin Malina (Double Bass), Petar Radmilovic (Drum). Milan Jancuric (Tenor Sax) Aleksandra Denda (Vocals) Lazar Novkov (Accordion Melodica)