Antonio Trinchera-Joy Drops Remix - Paris Move Magazine by Thierry Docmac

Our friends at A.MA Records are releasing an EP of three remixes of the track “Joy Drops” by guitarist Antonio Trinchera, a track which is taken from the excellent album Next Move released in 2016 and which is still available HERE    The remixes are by Elbert Phillip’s, and we have to admit that these remixes are much more interesting than the remixes of St Germain's “Tourist” ... which we really liked and which you can find on Paris-Move, HERE Here at Antonio Trinchera, the electro rhythms only reinforce the musicality, but without really redesigning the original work. The result? A single title developed on 3 tracks, 3 different visions and all as exciting as each other! And if you like the music of guitarist Antonio Trinchera, you can also find it on the album Inside A.MA Volume 2 - Compilation Curated by Bob Hill which you will find HERE A very nice album which is also a fun way to discover the excellent A.M.A. catalog. Records and which will have some nice surprises in store for you, most of the time with a very modern, inventive, even dancing jazz, which will certainly be a breath of fresh air for all music lovers in this period of reconfinement. If you want to know more about Elbert Philip’s who remixed Joy Drop, I especially recommend this interview, HERE And as a French singer with the stature of a boxer and a mover (*) said: “Music is a cry that comes from within”, this is undoubtedly the reason why this little EP is taken in the face on “Indispensable” sticker from the editorial staff of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio, who love quirky works.