Avishai Darash "Quarantine Blues" Paris Move Magazine by Thierry Docmac

The current epidemic is providing forms of creations that might not have emerged under other conditions. Composer and pianist Avishai Darash gathered his trio in his living room to record this EP with works written over time, and Antonio Martino gave the green light to produce this 5-track EP which gives a much more intimate version of the song. work by Avishai. We dream of a complete album with this trio, as inspiring as that of the Canadian pianist and composer Emie Rioux Roussel, each of these composers being lulled by his cultural particularities from which both know how to draw the best. But contrary to what the title might suggest, there is no hint of the blues here, except for a form of melancholy on the track "Mohamed's Blues". Quarantine Blues is above all a series of “postcards” of moments, of impressions where notes replace writing marked by a deep humanity. The only criticism we could make on this EP is precisely its form, an EP, which creates a taste for lack, too little, not enough… but let's not doubt it, if thanks to you Quarantine Blues came to be a real success, I'm almost certain that a real album with this fabulous trio could see the light of day. What is certain is that Avishai Darash is one of those extraordinary contemporary composers who makes us love the arts, cultures, and for that alone we can, we must, thank him. An EP which also joins the “Indispensables” of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio, and which you will hear from March on Bayou Blue Radio.