Avishai Darash "Samskara" Paris Move Magazine by Thierry Docmac

On Samskara, the pianist and composer Avishai Darash develops a World-Jazz which has its roots in North Africa. However, far from what one might expect, the developed themes on which the ethnic side arises is indeed a jazz composition on which Avishai Darash is surrounded by Daniele Cappucci on double bass and Joan Terol Amigò on drums. Singer Karima El Fillali, Abderrahim Semlali on violin and Haytham Safia on oud validate the “World” guarantee, with inspiration and delicacy, bringing a depth and a poetic layer that commands admiration. Here again, this is an album released in 2019 and as so often in France, no luck, hardly anyone will have heard it. which is really unfortunate. But it is all the strength of AMA Records, which is, like Bayou Blue Radio, on the lookout for all cultural differences as long as they are a guarantee of excellence, to promote these artists that the usual media and radios shunned. or ignore, quite simply, for lack of true musical culture or by indifference of what makes, precisely, “the” difference. This is the case with the compositions of Avishai Darash, and a big thank you to Antonio Martino for drawing my attention to this excellent artist that you will hear in April on Bayou Blue Radio. Listening carefully to Avishai Darash, we understand his broad culture of classical music, the influences of Bartok and many other authors at the service of his compositions, also inspired by his culture, or rather his cultures, which he assumes at the perfection. In this sad and very dark period that we are going through, Samskara sounds like a ray of sunshine that comes to caress your shoulders. Once installed and ready to listen to this album, it is a real hypnotic phenomenon that takes place on the listener. Samskara joins our pretty colony validated by Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio, "Indispensables", because it is undoubtedly an essential. Especially now!