• 1. Asintoto
  • 2. Dear Bill
  • 3. Gae's Theme
  • 4. Mr. P.C.
  • 5. Love Me
  • 6. Ma L'Anima Non Muore
  • 7. Urlo
  • 8. Volta Strada

The Ipocontrio project dates back to 2009, when 3 musicians of the Salerno area (South Italy), Bruno Salicone (Piano), Francesco Galatro (Double bass), Armando Luongo (drums) met and decided to put togehter a trio to play their own music.

The main feature of their music is the love for jazz and improvisation. Their music merges in a very personal sound that moves in a continuuos interplay between the soulful melodic lines drawn by the pianist Bruno Salicone and the swinging rhythm section.

In 2009 the band wins the “European Jazz Contest” organized by the

St.Louis Jazz College of Music. Their first Album “The Beginning of A Love Affair” is released in 2011 and produced by St.Louis Jazz Collection.

Following the release, the trio has the opportunity to play concerts all over Europe playing with musicians such as Jean-Paul Estievenart (Django D’or 2006), Frank Vaganée (Brussels Jazz Orchestra), Hugo Contini, Filippo Bianchini, Kenny Jeanney (The Amazing Keystone Big Band), Phil Abram (Marceo Parker).

This international experience becomes a source of inspiration that leads them to experiment new musical compositions and write more music.

In 2013, the drummer Armando Luongo meets in New York the trumpet player Alessandro Presti (Critics Prize Massimo Urbani 2014) and this encounter will conceive the band second album “Coontinuum”.

This Album shows that these musicians know well the Afro-American lexicon, they know how to swing and their music is fresh and charming, always  performed with a fine tecqnique.

The recording is enhanced  the presence of Alessandro Presti on trumpet on all tracks and Daniele Scannapieco on saxophone on two tracks, these two superb and  well-known italian musicians  complete the trio sound in a blend of compelling soulful swinging jazz.

Ipocontrio “Continuum” AMC 004  A.MA Records


Bruno Salicone: Piano

Francesco Galatro: Double Bass

Armando Luongo: Drums


Alessandro Presti: Trumpet

Daniele Scannapieco: Sax on “Ma L’Anima Non Muore” and “Gae’s Theme”

Recorded at Zork Studio January 2015

Executive Producer: Antonio Martino

Produced by A.MA Edizioni for A.MA Records

Release date May 2016