Shljuka Quintet
Octave Up

Pianist, composer, and arranger Aleksandar Jovanović, performing under the nickname, or rather artistic name - Shljuka, has assembled some of the finest Serbian musicians in his new quintet with whom he recorded the album "Octave Up," consisting of eight original compositions.

The title "Octave Up" symbolically represents a new phase in the author's creative work and a fresh perspective on Balkan jazz. This album conceptually explores tradition and the significance of tradition in innovation, specifically - the similarities and differences between the two traditions - jazz and Balkan music. In his musical expression, Shljuka incorporates Balkan heritage in the form of melodic phrases, harmonic progressions, and rhythms, blending it all with the language of jazz, improvisation, and contemporary sound.

The compositions reflect personal impressions and a unique perspective on the emotional and musical parallels between Balkan music and different eras of jazz. They are also inspired by the atmosphere in certain literary works by Serbian writers, the local environment, and nature. The individuality and freedom of expression of each musician play a significant role in creating this album as a whole.

Aleksandar Jovanovic   Piano

Ivan Radivojevic            Trumpet

Rastko Obradovic         Alto & Soprano Saxophone

Milan Pavkovic             Double Bass

Aleksandar Cvetkovic  Drums