Bruno Montrone
Unaware Beauty

Jazz is a language now familiar to latitudes once considered unsuspected. Here, in the South, we are sometimes used to hearing the most disparate sound mixes, the result of an anarchic planning devoid of any formative substrate both in terms of listening and attendance. For some time this has no longer been the case, and it is increasingly frequent to encounter musicians whose sound has its roots in the great tradition of jazz and indicates the characteristics of a music to which thousands of musicians give life in every part of the world by revisiting, sometimes reinvigorating, however reviving the numerous masterpieces that the great giants of the past have produced. This is the case of the gentlemen involved in this project, dealing with nine songs (three standards, a composition by guitarist Guido Di Leone and five original compositions) in which you can breathe a deep love for the African-American idiom in its most emotional dimension. The leader, Bruno Montrone, is making his recording debut and, like any artist worthy of the name, he left a bit of experience to settle before deciding to record under his own name but he has been on the scene for a good twenty years. Bruno has already demonstrated on several occasions that he knows the musical language that has moved us for some time now, in a disenchanted and elegant way. His is an engaging pianism capable of bringing together both the neophyte jazz enthusiast and the old and seasoned frequenters of the African-American idiom. His companions in the adventure are not just any two musicians: the double bass player Giulio Scianatico (from Bruno’s same home town Bari - Italy) is one of the emerging jazz musicians of the entire national jazz scene, the drummer is none other than Joe Farnsworth, one of the most attentive musicians of the big apple, a point of reference for anyone who wants to use solid and effective rhythmic support. The parterre is enriched by the presence of vocalist Serena Grittani and saxophonist Sarah Hanahan, an emerging name on the New York scene and a frequent presence in some of the most up-to-date operations of the moment.

Bruno Montrone   Piano

Giulio Scianatico Double Bass

Joe Farnsworth   Drums

Special Guests:

Serena Grittani   Vocals

Sarah Hanahan  Alto Saxophone