Fabrizio Savino

  • 1. Opposing Thoughts
  • 2. Gemini
  • 3. When Your Eyes Behold
  • 4. Emptied
  • 5. Everything Flows
  • 6. Sighing
  • 7. Leggero
  • 8. The Inception And The End
  • 9. Speaking Of Love
  • 10. The Visionary Seer

Gemini, Fabrizio Savino’s new album, marks a significant step in his artistic career. It is the final destination of a creative path that started with a quintet in his first recording, “Metropolitan Prints”, continued with a Quartet in the Album “Aram”, and finally to achieve 2016′s “Gemini” where the choice of utilizing a guitar trio allowed Fabrizio to express his very authenticity; it reveals his deepest emotions through his unique technical equipment, together wih his original skills as a composer.

Gemini is direct and intimate and the listener can immediately feel Fabrizio’s complete devotion to his instrument that clearly states the distinctiveness of his music through a personal sound that is, at the same time, delicate and solid, gentle and deep.

The virtuosity of his instrument never clouds his melodic development and clarity of structure. The charm of his music cannot be denied and always unveils new surprises. This is the reason why Gemini marks a departure point in Fabrizio Savino’s career, in that his capability of describing intense personal emotions continues to seduce us, ever waiting for his next surprise.

On this album, Savino is accompanied by two fine musicians: Luca Alemanno on double bass and Gianlivio Liberti on drums. There is considerable empathy between the three musicians and there is never any doubt that they are bound together in one musical dialogue.