Ivan Radivojevic
In Plain View

New Serbian Jazz Wave. They call it that. And, for some time now, it has been closely linked with our label. Today it is the turn of Ivan Radivojevic, a young (thirty-one years old) trumpet player from Belgrade, who got noticed by us playing in the combo of Max Kochetov of whom a few months ago we published "Altered Feelings" and previously with Sanja Markovic for the album “Ascension” in 2020. Radivojevic, like everyone of his generation, is one who moves in a sprawling way between jazz and hip-hop, passing through forays into reggae, rock and soul. In short, very modernly his is a synthesis music that tries to use the most disparate experiences to get to propose something personal. In "In Plain View" all this is certainly not perceivable in terms of musical proposal: it is his mentality, open to the use of other languages, that strikes us and makes us touch with hand (better with the ear) than in those parts - it seems for some time now - a scene has been developing from which some of the most interesting musicians of this turn of the millennium are emerging. At least in Europe and at least for what concerns jazz as we are used to living it in its most adventurous sense. The trumpeter already boasts a very respectable curriculum having accrued the attendance of prestigious masterclasses with old and young African American lions (from Eddie Henderson, James Moody and fellow countryman Stjepko Gut to Charles Altura and Joel Ross). “In Plain View” collects complex music - and this does not mean that it is difficult to use – the testimony of a curious mentality, attentive to everything that happens, always at the service of music. The combo is completed by very young musicians from the Serbian scene, all to keep an eye on - and who will soon be talked about. And not just in Serbia.