Avishai Darash
Quarantine Blues

Avishai Darash "Quarantine Blues" AMEPD001 Only Digital 5 tracks EP Release Date March 3 2021

Avishai Darash - piano/compositions/leader

Arin Keshishi - Bass

Udo Demandt - World Percussion

In August the trio met after a long pause of more than two months. Because it felt so special, we've decided to put the session on tape and see if an EP can come out of it. It was very spontaneous and unplanned, something that added a very personal and vulnerable touch to the recording. It was recorded in an afternoon in my living room and the atmosphere was magical. Antonio's fantastic label gave us the green light on a digital release and here we present to you our "Quarantine Blues". I've stayed this time with the trio formation. A formation that is very exposed and sensible in my eyes.The large ensembles ive been writing for in the last years have made me look differently on such a formation. The piano became the orchestra and I felt at home again. These pieces have been written in different periods but all played at the same time, giving it the unique sound and care they needed.    5 pieces that encompass my feeling as a composer and my experience as a pianist in a trio. Thank you Arin and Udo for making the songs sound so beautiful and bringing your own brilliant touch into them.