Pippo D'Ambrosio
A Peaceful Place

A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni is happy to announce the release of the new album by the Italian drummer Giuseppe “Pippo” D’Ambrosio, the fourth in his career as a leader.

Inspired by the ancient Sufi poets, drummer and band leader Giuseppe 'Pippo' D'Ambrosio has created an album of drum led soulful Jazz and hip-hop beats and a canon of songs for the headphones and the dancefloor alike. Featuring vocals from Donatella Montinaro and Serena Fortebraccio A Peaceful Place interprets the words of Rumi, Din'Attar and Al-Jilani to create music for a modern audience.

Pippo D'Ambrosio Leader /Drums
Domenico Ares Cartago Piano, Rhodes, Synth
Mike Rubini Alto Sax
Giorgio Distante Trumpet
Gianluca Luisi Vibraphone
Marco Bardoscia Bass & Double Bass
Alberto Parmegiani Guitar
Francesco Lomangino Tenor Sax
Donatella Montinaro Vocals
Serena Armstrong Fortebraccio Vocals
David Place Narrating Voice
Giuseppe Tuppi B Larocchia Turn Tables 

All Music written and arranged by Giuseppe (Pippo) D’Ambrosio
A Peaceful Place Lyrics written by Pippo D'Ambrosio
Flowing Serenade Lyric written by Serena Fortebraccio
Michele Lobaccaro wrote the lyrics for The Pen And The Ink, Waves, Changes, Winter Is Over