Sanja Markovic

"Ascension" Sanja Markovic debut album, is written in a contemporary jazz language and consists of seven songs (two instrumentals) that speak of love and humanity. Sanja Markovic is featured as a composer, arranger, lyricist, vocalist, instrumentalist (soprano and tenor saxophone) and a producer.

"With Ascension, vocalist/saxophonist Sanja Markovic has crafted a detailed and artistic collection of compositions which forge new directions in contemporary musical design. Her vision, realized through music, embodies the full potential of expansive storytelling and an imaginative portrayal of her life and humanity."

Greg Osby, saxophonist and composer

Sanja Markovic "Ascension" AMLP001

Sanja Markovic – vocals, soprano/tenor saxophone

Milena Jancuric – flute

Maksim Kocetov – soprano saxophone 

Rastko Obradovic – tenor saxophone

Aleksandar Buzadzic – melodica

Ivan Radivojevic – trumpet

Mihajlo Bogosavljevic – trombone   

Igor Lazic – French horn

Mina Djekic – violin 

Julijana Markovic – cello 

Manja Ristic – violin 

Ivana Grahovac – cello 

Gorana Curgus – harp

Aleksandar Grujic – piano, electric piano

Milan Nikolic – double bass 

Miroslav Tovirac – electric bass 

Predrag Milutinovic – drums

Igor Malesevic – drums 

Peter Radmilovic – drums