Antonio Trinchera

"Next Move" is the new album experience from guitarist/composer Antonio Trinchera, an artist with a classical background, seduced by blues and jazz since his early youth, and who meanwhile also nurtured a passion for electronic music.   This passion is deeply felt in his two previous Ambient Music releases, entitled “Voce Falena” and “Spirits Write Letters”, both released in 2010 and 2013, by the Irish label Psychonavigation.

"Next Move" another leap forward into Trinchera's artistic career; it is an album full of intimate and unique atmospheres, floating always on an underground groove that entices the listener’s mind to move his or her body and spirit.  At times, Trinchera evokes a pop approach in his songwriting, never too commercial, but only as a means to attract a wider audience.

The use of electronica elements is not a sterile search for an unheard impact, but instead serves as an instrument among the instruments, painting refined landscapes in a uniquely tenacious sound, and synthesizing diverse lexicons into a new musical identity. 

Therefore, the "Next Move" is truly for you to play Antonio Trinchera's music once more, then again, and again, and again …



DEC 27 2016

Antonio Trinchera

Locorotondo       Docks 101 Jazz In Docks
DEC 28 2016

Antonio Trinchera

Acquaviva Delle Fonti       JazzSet 2016 Club 1799
JAN 20 2017

Antonio Trinchera

Bari       Tavli Cafè
FEB 4 2017

Antonio Trinchera

Molfetta       Spazio Le Arti
JUL 26 2017

Antonio Trinchera

Altamura       Altamura Jazz Festival Via Vittorio Veneto, 53


March 21 2021
I nostri amici della A.MA Records stanno pubblicando un EP di tre remix del brano “Joy Drops” del chitarrista Antonio Trinchera, brano tratto dall'ottimo album Next Move uscito nel 2016 e che è ancora disponibile QUI    I remix sono di Elbert Phillip's, ...
December 1 2016
Musica Jazz Dicembre 2016