Max Kochetov

Max Kochetov (saxophone) was born in Kiev (Ukraine) on January 9th, 1979. His first music experience was at the age of six, when he started to learn accordion and clarinet in music school. At the age of nine he started to learn and play saxophone in children brass and jazz orchestras.

From 1992 to 1997 he was a student of saxophone in Kiev State Music College “R.M.Gliera”.

Since 1995 he was a member of the Evgeniy Dergunov quintet and had won awards on many jazz festivals.

In 1997 He went to Erfurt (Germany), where he’s taking lessons in jazz summer school from one of the most recognized European saxophone players Zbigniew Namyslowski (Poland). He attended ensemble lessons in the class of John Taylor (Great Britain). Parallel, he was playing jazz in many clubs in Germany and France.

2003 -he got three awards on the festival "Dodz Junior" in the categories: the best original composition, the best performer, the best jazz -rock ensemble.

Since 2006 he lives and works in Belgrade (Serbia).

In 2010, he became lead alto saxophonist in Big Band of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

At the same time he forms the “Max Kochetov Quartet” and with his wife Ksenija forms the “Kochetov Quintet”. A year later he records two albums:Max Kochetov Quartet-“13:30” and Kochetov Quintet-“It’s Time For Jazz” and performs on many jazz festivals around Serbia and Europe.


Max Kochetov quartet-“13:30”

Kochetov quintet-“It’s Time For Jazz”

Dusko Goykovich&Soul Connection Big Band-“Balkan Project”

Dusko Goykovich&Big Band RTS-“Latin Haze”

Serbian Jazz,BRE!-“

In 2022 A.MA Records will release his new Album "Altered Feelings" 

A Deep Spiritual journey into the different shades of jaazz



FEB 23 2022

Max Kochetov

Banja Luka       Banski Dvor
MAY 28 2022

Max Kochetov

Bari       Teatro Forma
MAY 25 2023

Max Kochetov

Belgrade       Bluz I Pivo
JUN 14 2023

Max Kochetov

Belgrade       Solar Jazz Festival - Dorcol Platz
JUL 7 2023

Max Kochetov

Wien       ZWE Jazz Club
OCT 25 2023

Max Kochetov

Belgrade       Belgrade Jazz Festival 2023
NOV 11 2023

Max Kochetov

Kikinda - Serbia       Kikinda Jazz Blues Festival
MAR 16 2024

Max Kochetov

Wien       ZWE Jazz Club
APR 17 2024

Max Kochetov

Podgorica - Montenegro       KIC "Budo Tomovic", Main Hall
APR 18 2024

Max Kochetov

Cetinje - Montenegro       Royal Theather